Kindergarten students at Wauchope Primary celebrate 100 days at school as centenarians

Kindergarten students at Wauchope Primary donned their walking sticks and grey hairs to celebrate surviving 100 days at school.

Students across the five classes of Kindergarten participated in different activities to mark the occasion and teacher Darren Beard said it was all a lot of fun.

"We are celebrating the students' first 100 days at school by hosting lots of fun activities for them to take part in," Mr Beard said.

"All of the activities are focused around 100; from jumping 100 times, to building with 100 blocks or counting to 100.

"All the students have dressed up as centenarians with their own spin on how they will be when they turn 100.

"Lots of walking sticks and wrinkles and we are just so pleased that the parents embrace the day so much.

"Lots of our teachers have also embraced the day and it is all just a lot of fun for everyone involved."

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