Beechwood Public School celebrate Education Week 2019

Students and community members at Beechwood Public School came together to celebrate the great work of students during Education Week 2019.

Lots of students were acknowledged with awards for effort, citizenship and attitude in the classroom with the dance group also performing at the ceremony on August 7.

Past student Samantha King spoke at the ceremony telling tales of all her fond memories at Beechwood.

"As I walked through the gate on my way back into the school so many fond memories came flooding back from my years here at Beechwood," Ms King said.

"I was lucky enough to be given so many amazing opportunities and I am very grateful for the nurturing and caring environment that the staff at Beechood provided.

"Since leaving here in 2012 I have finished my HSC and am currently in a gap year before heading off to university to study secondary teaching.

"One thing I took away from Beechwood was my ability to be an independent learner and I also learnt the valuable lesson that anything is possible if you are willing to try and have a go."

Congratulations to all the students who won awards:

  • Oliver Bulley - Best Effort
  • Rylan Clark - Citizenship
  • Eden Lawton - English
  • Oliver Clay - Attitude and Applicaltion
  • Gracie Elphick - Citizenship
  • Andie Parkes - Best Effort
  • Oska Gudgeon - Creative Application
  • Kaitlyn Joyce - English
  • Curtis Smith - Best Effort
  • Anna Grigg - Best Effort
  • Bailey Hinton - Attitude and Application
  • Ada Neale - Citizenship
  • Jeddah Bean - Academic Excellence
  • Barclay Coleman-Locke - Best Effort
  • Nathan Drury-Erikson - Citizenship
  • Ebony Faint - Citizenship
  • Max Hillard - Commitment to Work
  • Elliette Turnewitsch - Attitude and Application
  • Lawson Cooper - Commitment to Learning
  • Jaccinta Gibbs - Citizenship
  • Declan Juric - Attitude and Application
  • Ethan Dodd - Consistent Effort
  • Jacob Hillard - Mathematics
  • Benny Williams - Library Certificate
  • Nate Thompson - Science
  • Denny Michael - Science
  • Max Rajasingham - Commitment to Learning
  • Regan Coombes - School Representation
  • Myles Cooper - School Representation
  • Lincoln Bartlett - Principal's award for Citizenship
  • Reece Madeley - Principal's award for Best Effort and Attitude
  • Ryan Bailey - Principal's award for Academic Progress
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