Powerhouse vocalist Dami Im brings new songs and more confidence to her Dreamer Tour

X factor: There is no doubt singer songwriter Dami Im has that X factor. You can see for yourself at Panthers Port Macquarie, September 7, 8pm.

X factor: There is no doubt singer songwriter Dami Im has that X factor. You can see for yourself at Panthers Port Macquarie, September 7, 8pm.

If you want to get close up and personal with the vocal dynamo who came second in the world at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, it will cost you $85 for the VIP pass.

It includes a meet and greet with Dami Im before the show, and front row seats.

The Korean born powerhouse singer burst into the collective consciousness of Australia in 2013, as she stormed past her fellow contestants on X Factor.

Her performance of Prince's Purple Rain remains one of the most outstanding of all the television talent contests.

After taking the title Im produced a platinum selling self-titled album and has since released three highly acclaimed studio albums.

"I feel like every year feels like 10 years, I've been doing so much, but it's been a lot of fun. I love being busy, love touring, and living the dream," the classically trained pianist says.

Her supportive husband Noah Kim loves the success Im has achieved. "He's always positive, he loves all the things I get to do. He's proud his wife can show the world everything she can do. He's seen my potential for a long time. He was part of the reason i auditioned. I was thinking about it, but wondered if it could be embarrassing, but he saw it could be a great opportunity."

He also helps with her videography and photography, and goes on the road with Im whenever he can.

Im turns 30 in October this year, and says with all the different experiences she's had, she has learned so much more about herself.

"I am a lot more confident; I care less about what people think. I'm less afraid to tell people what i want and don't want. I am so much more in control of my career. After X factor I had no idea how much say I could have."

Now she is taking so much more control of her career. "I have a great team around me now. It's so important to have people encourage me, and who are not afraid to say no to me."

Im says she has gone back to writing songs from her heart. "When you are signed to a label you write how to please other people, what the radio would play."

She believes everything happens for a reason. "Now i can say this is what I want to do. For me it's better to take risks doing what my heart tells me to do."

Earlier this year Im supported Human Nature on their Little More Love tour of Australia.

"It was amazing watching Human Nature together, and how professional they are. I hope I have that sort of career after 30 years. They were very down to earth, I got to sing with them on three songs, and I got to see how they work behind the scenes."

For her Dreamer Tour, Im will play piano for some of the songs, and has a great four-piece of "handsome men in the band" working with her.

She says she will be doing more of my own songs and talking about the experiences she has had. "I'll be talking about things I haven't spoken about before, like being an immigrant growing up in Australia. I think it helps people get to know me."

Obviously her big hits Sounds of Silence, Super Love, and Gladiator, and Purple Rain will be on the set list, but she says she might throw in a sneaky preview of some new music.

General admission tickets are $35-$55.

Dami Im Sound of Silence
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