Wauchope Garden Club urges water savings due to dry conditions

With fires raging around our beautiful country and water supplies so depleted, spring has arrived with little of the joy we usually associate with it, the hope for rain being ever present in our minds.

Wauchope Garden Club will not be holding a meeting but having a short day trip to Gladstone on Saturday September 14, with the intent of visiting two nurseries. There are a few seats available, call 65851766 if interested.

We have had a very busy month since last meeting. A great Friendship Day was held, wonderful Speakers and lovely interaction between Club members from the greater district on August 27. The following day, 15 members of our Club hired a bus to attend Bellingen's Friendship Day, which was also an interesting day with plenty to learn.

On October 12, the Club is holding a Market Day in the grounds of the Uniting Church with many and varied stalls. We have invited other local organisations to join us in selling their goods too. Come along and see what is to offer from 8.30am until 1.30pm.

There is little to suggest in the way of gardening tasks, except to use water wisely, and mulch well to retain any moisture after watering. Seeds of lettuce, tomato and eggplant may be sown, to be ready for transplanting in the hope of spring rains.

Yates have a new blend of colourful pollen- and nectar-rich flowers to attract bees and pollinating insects into the garden which is part of a healthy and thriving garden. It is important to grow a variety of plants which flower throughout the year to provide them their food.

The container of seed is called Bee Pasture, Pollen and Nectar Mix. Let's try it to have food for these important little creatures.

Good gardening.

Robin Starr