Beechwood Public School celebrates 150th anniversary

Beechwood Public School has celebrated strong community ties and quality education to mark its 150th anniversary.

Crowds flocked to the school's heritage fair on Saturday, September 21 to celebrate the history and the future of the school.

Relieving principal Tracey Bromfield said Beechwood had a strong community and the school had always been the hub of that community.

"Not only does it celebrate 150 years of quality education, but it also celebrates the community coming together and a community that has strong ties," she said.

Mrs Bromfield said they referred to the "Beechwood way" and part of that was the strong connection to the school and community.

Beechwood Public School has 170 students in seven classes, 12 teachers and about six support staff.

Saturday's 150th anniversary celebration included market stalls, exhibitions, wood chopping, face painting, rides and food.

P&C president Libby Hamerlok said the school had a welcoming feel.

"As soon as you walk through the front gate, you are greeted with smiles and made feel part of the community," she said.

Mrs Hamerlok said the heritage fair helped boost the P&C's fundraising to continue its support of the school.

Keith Dark started his student days at Beechwood Public School in 1946.

The 79-year-old remembers when the school had one teacher and one building, and the playground was mostly made up of wattles and long grass.

"It was a very isolated community in those days and going to Wauchope once a month or whatever was a big day out," he said.

"I could never have imagined the size of the school as it is now with the buildings and facilities they have."

The school has a bright future.

"We are definitely growing with all the new developments in the area and we are definitely thriving," Mrs Bromfield said.

"The school is moving ahead in ways so we can continue to be at the forefront of providing high-quality education, but at the same time, one of the goals is to maintain that Beechwood way, that strong community relationship and ties to the community."

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