Community voices and ideas wanted to help secure a vibrant future for Wauchope's Bain Park

FUTURE: Wauchope Rotary Club president George Campbell is optimistic at Bain Park's future. PHOTO: Laura Telford.
FUTURE: Wauchope Rotary Club president George Campbell is optimistic at Bain Park's future. PHOTO: Laura Telford.

Wauchope residents are being asked to have their say on what they would like to see in Bain Park to ensure it is a community hub for years to come.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council are currently taking submissions for the development of a Bain Park master plan and are encouraging people to speak up now.

The master plan will aim to accommodate a wide range of future community events, including events, performances, movie screenings, expos and more while also factoring in the adjacent community facilities that have a strong connection to the park and the CBD.

One group with big ideas is Wauchope Rotary, who say they would love to see a permanent performing arts stage to complement the amphitheatre.

Wauchope Rotary Club president George Campbell said they have a strong connection to Bain Park and would love to see a stage fit for use by the whole community.

"We think a stage or gazebo type structure near the amphitheatre would be an excellent way to bring more performances to town," Mr Campbell said.

"For our town's Christmas carols and other performances throughout the year we bring in a temporary stage but in the past inclement weather has caused groups to cancel events so the equipment doesn't break.

"A permanent performing stage would encourage more event to happen in Wauchope and it would be wonderful for community groups and members of the public to come together to make it happen."

The creation of a master plan for Bain Park will allow Council to create a future design for the space that reflects the community's current and future needs said Port Macquarie-Hastings Council director Jeffery Sharp.

"Bain Park is such a wonderful and popular shared community space, and this is great opportunity to develop a Master Plan that aligns with our community's current and future needs," Mr Sharp said.

"We are encouraging everyone to get involved, as together we create the vision for a healthy inclusive and vibrant space, right in the heart of Wauchope."

The master plan will provide a strategic direction for the allocation of Council funds into the future, as well as allowing increased opportunities to attract grant funding.

Long term Mr Campbell said there is so much that could help Bain Park become even more vibrant than it already is.

"It would be nice to see a small botanical garden on the other side of the park installed and more seating areas for people to come and enjoy," Mr Campbell said.

"Obviously this some of these ideas won't happen quickly but the master plan is about planning and preparing for the future.

"This is important so that Wauchope continues to be a great place for many, many years to come.

"Rotary has also been talking to lots of other community groups about how Bain Park can be developed further and I would encourage anyone with ideas to put in a submission to the master plan project."

Community members can register to attend a community workshop on October 19 where Council will start developing the master plan.

Registrations for the Community Workshop close on October 14 and the master plan survey closes on October 31.