Wauchope Patchwork Quilters given more quilts to replace stolen ones

Quilters across Australia continue to reach out to the Wauchope group whose precious covers made for palliative care patients were stolen.

The Wauchope Patchwork Quilters have been moved by the kindness of people who have helped them, after a thief broke into Rotary Hall and stole equipment and 15 quilts handmade for the hospital patients.

"Our Facebook post about the theft was shared over 7,000 times all over the world. The patients and the families love the quilts and they take them home as a memory of the time spent in palliative care, so we are always needing to make them," said Helen Clunes from the group.

Quilters in Forster sent 20, others were sent from Queensland, Victoria, Canberra, and fabric has also been sent.

"We have been overwhelmed by the response. A charity golf day raised a very substantial donation," she added.

On Friday, a woman from Sydney, Heather Titley, drove to Wauchope to deliver quilt tops and fabric to the Wauchope ladies.

"I saw the story on Facebook, I thought it was terrible and I wanted to help," said Heather, whose son was born at Wauchope hospital when she lived at Macksville.