Thieves steal Wauchope RFS rope from hose drying pole

Heartless thieves have stolen vital firefighting equipment from Wauchope Rural Fire Brigade.

Yesterday morning, (Sunday November 3) the brave firefighters who are fatigued from an exhausting week, discovered that the rope from their hose drying pole had been stolen for the second time. They had just returned from the fire at Ballengarra on Bransdon Road.

"It's a great hindrance to us, as we have so many fires in our district. After much generosity from the community during the fires at Crestwood Road and Lake Cathie, we could hardly believe it," said Donna Anthony, captain of Wauchope Rural Fire Brigade.

The pole at the back of the station is used to dry hoses after fires. Someone stole the rope that raises and lowers the hoses sometime on Saturday night. The brigade had already raised funds to replace the rope and pulleys only 12 months ago, due to them being stolen previously.

"This is the last thing we need. It will cost around $200 to replace the rope and buy new pulleys as well as find someone to fix it. It's very disappointing when we are going through such a tough time fighting fires at the moment," added Donna.

To help the firefighters, go to the Wauchope RFS Facebook page.