Council considers enacting higher water restrictions early to avoid crises levels

As I write this the fires are mostly under control, skies are grey and drops of rain are falling. But a check of the Bureau of Meterology (BOM) website - - shows we might get just 5mm, then back to the dreadful dry.

Farmers are suffering, gardens everywhere are dying and council is turning its mind to the serious water storage situation.

Three more months without significant rain and our water supply will be getting to the critical stage.

So the November council meeting will consider going early to higher water restrictions.

Whichever level is decided - level 3, 4 or Emergency - it will mean conserving water indoors, and prohibiting most residential outside use.

Council will actively promote water saving tips.

But I've started already because I don't have a tank yet and want at least enough water for the compost, plus some baby trees.

I won't be telling seasoned gardeners anything, but for those new to it I've now a bowl in the kitchen sink and a bucket on the floor. Many in drought affected areas also have a bucket to collect excess water in their shower.

By collecting scraps of tap water usually wasted, plus dish-washing, shower and cooking water, I can get at least enough for my core projects and some extra for other garden things.

Many plants don't like leftover water straight over their roots, so it can be useful digging a trench somewhat out from the stem and pouring into that, plus mulch of course.

The laundry and bathroom are also good for mining otherwise wasted water; and your local community garden can give many dry gardening tips.

As acting mayor these past few weeks, it's been inspiring to see all that council does behind the scenes during an emergency like the fires.

I said then, and echo now, all praise for our local emergency services personnel and the visiting agencies who lend their hand - and those who help wildlife.

Please consider donating or even volunteering to these amazing crisis organisations.

Cr Intemann's stories from a civic heart are her opinions and not necessarily council's