Wauchope Garden Club annual meeting on Saturday November 9 2019

TOP TIP: Petunias can give a gorgeous display in the flower garden.
TOP TIP: Petunias can give a gorgeous display in the flower garden.

There has been little respite from the dreadful weather, but we, as gardeners, continue in hope to plan and plant.

Our thoughts are with those on properties who are in such great need of rain for water and feed.The Garden Club hold their annual meeting on Saturday, November 9 from 9.30am with morning tea. Annual reports and election of an executive team for 2020 will take place. Do come and join us at the Uniting Church hall.

Bring a plant for the swap and perhaps get one you are looking for. Our community market Day, held last month was a huge success and we thank all stall holders and buyers who braved the inclement weather. However, the rain didn't come and we had a wonderful morning of 'Friendship through Gardens'.

As usual, citrus need our attention, watching for bronze orange bug, citrus leaf miner and aphids, all of which do much damage to the trees and baby fruit. The only spray registered is Yates Natures Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray for the bugs and will also help prevent leaf miner damage as well as the aphids.Keep spraying until foliage has matured.

Cool juicy slices of watermelon sound delicious for a hot day so get the ground ready for three to four seeds to be planted in mounds of soil. They can be grown on trellises if ground space is tight with a "hammock" to hold the growing fruit.

Tomatoes can be destroyed by fruit fly. Home gardeners can help prevent attack by baiting. There are numerous products and home remedies available as one wants to get the best crop from the bushes.

Snake beans are super long, and also are known as yard-long beans are a climbing bean, sweet tasting and delicious. Enjoying warm weather and humidity, they can be picked from 8-10 weeks from planting.

For colour in the flower garden try petunias. Four Supertunia varieties are available to give a gorgeous display. Whether planted en masses or singly they will put a smile on your face. Another tough heat lover is Vinca, sometimes called periwinkle. Having four colours, they also create a magnificent display in pots or hanging baskets in full sun. Even I am a convert!

Good gardening.