Fears over unmarked pedestrian crossings in Wauchope CBD

Fears over unmarked pedestrian crossings in Wauchope

Wauchope residents fear that accidents will happen because the two pedestrian crossings in the main street don't have white markings on them.

Staff from the Roads and Maritime Service have been upgrading the CBD and they put a gravel cover over the road, then tarred it on Wednesday night, November 6.

But the two pedestrian crossings in High Street, which were moved as part of the upgrade, have not been marked with white paint across the road, and some cars aren't stopping for pedestrians.

"It's very dangerous. Someone is going to get killed," said businessman Peter Leicht.

"It's so crazy. They need to get the lines on it before somebody gets hit," said visitor Diane Jackson.

"It's a bit dangerous and they need to be painted as soon as possible," said Anna Lewis who lives locally.

Carol Carroll from the Village Green Coffeehouse said it's always a good idea to look to the left, look to the right and look to the right again before you cross the road, even when the white stripes are there.

"Sometimes I wonder does common sense exist any more?" she added.

The Wauchope Gazette contacted the RMS for a comment, and are awaiting a response.