Essential Energy crews work through challenging conditions to restore power

Essential Energy says its dedicated crews have been busy working under difficult conditions to restore power to our customers as quickly as safety will allow.

Contending with thick smoke, remote conditions and fallen and smouldering trees has made working conditions challenging.

"For our crews' safety and well-being, a large contingent of specialists across Essential Energy from Vegetation, Health & Safety, Fleet, Asset Inspectors and Drone Specialists have been providing support," said a spokesperson.

"While power has been restored to many customers on the North Coast, active fires and falling trees have caused new faults in some locations, which unfortunately has meant power interruptions to additional customers."

As at 2pm, Saturday,16 November, just over 1,700 customers across the Mid North Coast were without power.

"Significant work has been achieved in many locations, with 284 poles (and associated infrastructure) being replaced, which will allow power to be restored to more customers over the weekend and into early next week, conditions permitting.

"We've contacted customers where possible to advise them of the potential delays," said the spokesperson.

Following is an update of the current position for:

Port Macquarie-Hastings LGA

Safe access to the network became available in Pappinbarra yesterday, with five power poles being replaced.

A further 18 poles also need replacing in Red Hill, Yarras and Bellangry.

"117 customers remain without power west of Port Macquarie, and we hope to have power restored to all customers by mid-week, conditions permitting. However, all customers in Pappinbarra, should have their power back on by Sunday, as a result of the work recently achieved by our crews.

"We will continue to work on other areas over the coming days as safe access becomes available," added the spokesperson.