Birpai people in the Hastings join nation dance across Australia

Aboriginal people living on Birpai country joined the first ever national dance at a ceremony on Town Beach in Port Macquarie.

The Birpai tribe was one of more than 100 tribes across Australia that took part in Nation Dance, where Aboriginal people stood together in ceremony and healing, and danced together on country as one at the same time.

Coordinator and Birpai dancer Jamie Donovan said the national event was a sign of solidarity.

"The purpose is that for the first time in our history, Aboriginal people around the country will come together at the one time to dance on country, connect with mother earth, and pay homage to our elders who have passed before us and paying thanks for them giving us what we've got today. We respect and honour our ancestors who have fought and died for us as people, this country and nation," he said.

He said it was important for Aboriginal people to pass on their culture.

"You can see all the young kids around here around today. They are all proud of their culture and who they are, and it's an opportunity for them to watch and see what we do, because they will be the ones who will take over from us," he said.

"We are sending out vibrations from Birpai country right up and down the East coast of Australia."

Mr Donovan said it was also an opportunity to honour firefighters who have protected the land and people, over the last couple of weeks as unprecedented bushfires gripped the Mid-North Coast.

Fellow organiser Rhonda Radley said it was a great show of solidarity across the Aboriginal nations and along with the Strong Sister movement, Djiyagan Dhanbaan, she sang a blessing before the dance.

The event went live across social media.

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