Rural Fire Service chief warns that arson attacks in Hastings put lives and homes at risk

Warning from fire chief as arson attacks in Hastings put lives at risk

Firefighters are urging people to report anything suspicious to the police, after two deliberate arson attacks in the Hastings.

In the past two days, fires have been deliberately lit at Rollover Road in Bago Forest, and at Milligans Road in Herons Creek.

If you can provide any information about these fires, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1300 333 000.

The bushfire at Herons Creek is under control, and the bushfire at Rollover Road is at advice level.

Stuart Robb from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service said all the fires across the district are investigated, and it's concerning that some appear to have been started on purpose.

"Keep an eye out for vehicles or people who should not be in the area. If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately to Crime Stoppers.

"We cannot afford to have deliberately lit fires under the current conditions. It puts lives and properties at risk," he said.

Meanwhile, Crowdy Bay National Park is still under a Park Fire Ban until midnight Friday, December 20. This will remain in effect unless otherwise extended or removed.

During park fire ban periods, all campfire and solid fuel (wood, heat beads, charcoal, briquettes, hexamine) barbecues and stoves are prohibited.

Gas and electric barbecues and cookers are permitted as long as:

  • They're under direct control of an adult
  • The ground within 2m of the barbecue is cleared of all flammable materials
  • There's an adequate supply of water (minimum of a bucket)

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