Grafton Anglican Diocese to sell St Cuthbert's at Ellenborough

Ellenborough parishioners are heartbroken at church being sold

The parishioners of the little Anglican country church at Ellenborough are heartbroken by the decision of the Grafton diocese to sell it.

St Cuthbert's will be sold, as will St James' Church in Byabarra and All Saints Church in Pappinbarra, after the Grafton Anglican Diocese asked the main parishes in the diocese to sell off little country churches.


It is with great regret that we have to lose our beautiful little St Cuthbert's Church at Ellenborough," said church warden, Phyl Hollis, speaking on behalf of the congregation.

"All our hearts are broken. What hurts us more than anything is that we lose a church to pay accounts off that are out of our control. The Grafton Diocese have got this cut and dried, we have no leg to stand on," said Mrs Hollis.

"This church was built over 100 years ago by the people up the Hastings River. The land was donated to them. The parishioners do all the upkeep at no charge. Our mower couple does the lawns etc. They do not go to church and they never charge. The lunches don't cost anything as the congregation brings it all. Only a little bit of power is used once a month for one fan and to boil the urn."

The congregation have eight children attending the service at Ellenborough.

"Out of Wauchope church, and the three outer churches, we are the only church who have children attending the services. Then, they tell us the three outer churches are not viable. In our belief, that is not God's way," added Mrs Hollis.