Goodbye and thank you to the Wauchope community

Journalist Letitia Fitzpatrick in the Wauchope Gazette office.

Journalist Letitia Fitzpatrick in the Wauchope Gazette office.


After almost four years as a journalist at the Wauchope Gazette, I am leaving to pursue other interests, and I will miss the wonderful, warm community here. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who has helped me do my job.

Despite more than 30 years covering the conflict and the peace process in Northern Ireland, nothing prepared me for covering bushfires and the destruction that could be wrought so quickly and terribly, despite warnings.

The huge community effort to help our firefighters and the fire victims has astonished and impressed me. I already knew that many Australians give up their time and money to help others, no matter how little of either they have, but the kindness shown to those in need was staggering.

I have worked on many stories, happy and sad, and in between. I thank everyone who has trusted me to tell their story. I wish all our readers well.


I wish Letitia nothing but joy and success on her next adventure. We will miss her and her wonderful contribution to the cohesion and success of our small team, as well as her genuine and fervent dedication to being a trusted and respected ambassador for our mastheads the Wauchope Gazette, Port News and Camden Haven Courier.

Letitia embraced the Wauchope community and her years of experience, leadership and passion to ensure great local journalism remains relevant and matters, meant the Wauchope community embraced her.

Our industry has endured many changes over the years and there are no doubt more changes to come. But there are a few things that will not falter - the best journalists respect the privilege that comes with telling your story, they seek out the truth and their integrity remains uncompromised.

Letitia was all of this and as an experienced mentor, our team is better for her contributions. She has maintained the long and proud reputation of the Gazette as our flagship community newspaper and our team of journalists will do the same.

Please welcome our team when you meet one of our journalists at the Gazette office. As we move forward, we hope to build on the great work we've already done by taking a regional approach to the news we deliver. There are many great stories right across the Hastings to be told and we will make sure you get to know our entire team so we can share them.

Local journalism matters and we thank you all for your ongoing support.