Kew Country Club hosts Andrew Howe Memorial Day to remember a local hero

LEGEND: Andrew Howe out on the green.
LEGEND: Andrew Howe out on the green.

The Kew Country Club (KCC) are hosting a bowls and golf day to remember Andrew Howe who tragically passed away.

The young man grew up in Kendall and worked in the pro shop at the club.

The events will run simultaneously on Sunday February 16, and will be a great opportunity to get out on the green.

Golf will be a four person, 18 hole ambrose medley starting at 8.30am with a shotgun start while the barefoot bowls will begin at 11am.

A spokesperson for Kew Country Club said the event is being held in conjunction with Mr Howe's family. One the day money raised will go KCC junior gold program which Mr Howe was very passionate about.

They said Mr Howe's friends and family and the Club wanted to do something to remember him and he was an gifted golfer as well as all round sports person.