Camden Haven's Terry Memory launches first book Life in a Minor Key

PLAY: Terry Memory is a local musician who is about to launch his memoir.

PLAY: Terry Memory is a local musician who is about to launch his memoir.

The Camden Haven's Terry Memory is a local musician known for playing around the traps but what you might not know is he is about to add published author to his resume.

On February 13, Mr Memory is launching his memoir Life in a Minor Key and said it was his personal story - one of tragedy.

"I am a musician and the minor chord is a sad song with a vibe of melancholy and that is really what this book is about," Mr Memory said.

"It is not an uplifting book and although there are funny elements my upbringing was not a happy one.

"I was born and raised in England and that is where the book begins, documenting my life and what I have experienced."

Mr Memory said the book deals with some heavy themes but concedes that life is not always sunshine and happy times.

"The book deals with alcoholism, mental illness and my devotion to music. Living in England I dealt with a range of monumental challenges and the book going into further detail about the horror I faced and how and why I came to Australia," he said.

"The book itself took me over six years to write because getting all my experiences out on paper was kind of like therapy.

"It bought a lot of issues up for me that I had been keeping locked down so when I started writing it was a big deal. I hope the book shines a light on what I went through and is a reminder to my children of my past."

He said the memoir was the first book he had ever written which was a huge challenge in itself.

"Growing up I had no real education so writing everything down was a daunting process. I sought help from a few teachers and got all my thoughts out over time.

"It took six years to write which was a lot longer than I anticipated but it was a process and getting it all down on paper it was quite hard.

"Overall the book tells a story that will probably resonate with people in different ways."

Terry's book launch is on February 13 at the Laurieton United Services Club. Call Terry on 6559 6435 for more information.