Social distancing is absolutely the best way to protect everyone, including yourself

No one wants to be caught up in a virus rampaging the globe. But it's a fact. I understand two Mid-North Coast residents are in isolation with coronavirus (Covid-19), but they are in Sydney, not here, after being tested upon return from overseas.

Council is stringently following all NSW Health guidelines, and I congratulate our general manager for getting onto our response weeks ago when cases first started rising.

This continues to be a difficult time for everyone - first drought, then fires, now this. The health and economic impacts of coronavirus are likely to be huge and ongoing for considerable time, so buckle up.

Despite initial craziness it is good to hear reports of people starting to accept we are all in this together and acting kindly and with courtesy to each other.

The council meeting is at Wauchope Showground this week, but we are already scaling back meetings, and who knows the situation for next month.

It also great to hear Australian scientists are leading the field in various aspects of research and containment. Scientists globally are working together on this common enemy.

Social distancing is the rule - no handshakes, hugs etc., don't touch your face, eyes, or mouth when in public, and cover up to cough or sneeze. It's absolutely the best way to protect everyone, including yourself. Wash hands often and well with soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Wash hands as soon as you get home so you don't spread anything there. If you feel unwell, call a doctor or hospital. Do not just turn up. Stay safe everyone.

Before the clamp down, I was delighted to attend Port Macquarie Running Festival - at left with Tevor Murray. A great atmosphere and lots of people doing what they love, putting one foot in front of the other at speed.

Cr Intemann's column is her opinion from a civic heart and not necessarily council's.