Cancer patient Joanne Sampson urges people to take precautions amid coronavirus outbreak

Determined lady: Joanne Sampson while undergoing treatment. Photo: supplied.
Determined lady: Joanne Sampson while undergoing treatment. Photo: supplied.

While people are being told there is only a one to four per cent fatality rate for the coronavirus and majority of people will only get mild symptoms, North Haven resident Joanne Sampson is part of the minority where the virus could be potentially life-threatening.

Joanne was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in November last year and her immune system is weaker as a result of ongoing treatment.

She said now is the time when it's important people who have returned overseas to self-isolate for 14 days because if they don't they could potentially cause vulnerable people, including those with pre-existing health conditions, and the elderly to die.

"I want everyone to consider the people who won't be okay," she said.

Joanne is urging people to abide by the right precautions and be mindful of other people, without panicking about the situation.

Joanne is set to undergo another round of chemotherapy this weak, which will further weaken her immune system.

She said cancer patients don't only have a compromised immune system during therapy, but for months after treatment.

Joanne's friend from the Gold Coast has been staying with her, to assist with Joanne's recovery after treatment.

However, recently Joanne's friend was impacted by sickness and she's now staying elsewhere.

"I can't risk having someone around me who's unwell, even if it's just the normal flu," she said.

Joanne is staying home as much as possible to reduce her exposure to other people. However, she is required to undergo health checks and blood tests.

She's has to put extra precautions in place when she does see other people.

On the weekend Joanne went to see some of her friends who were participating in the Black Dog Ride.

She would normally give them a hug, however she had to stop her friends before they greeted her in that manner, as a precaution.

Joanne's daughters have organised a fundraiser for their mum to ease the financial burden the disease is having on the family.

The event is on Saturday, March 28 at Settlers Inn Hotel and will kick off at 4pm.

Malinda, Joanne's eldest daughter and Joanne's friend Dale will cut their hair to help raise money on the night.

If you would like to make a donation online, please visit the gofundme page and search for Malinda and Dale Cut it for Cancer.

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