Guests, crafts, recipes and beautiful locations provide a welcome retreat from pandemic mode

Easter with the Australian Women's Weekly family

There may be restrictions on gatherings to celebrate Easter this year but you can still have a mountain of chocolate fun and bake up a storm at home - even if you are by yourself.

WIN is dishing up Easter with The Australian Women's Weekly with Studio 10 host Sarah Harris at the helm.

Harris says after such a crazy start to the year with the drought bushfires, flooding rains, the smoke, and now coronavirus, we need a little light relief.

"Easter is always a good time to get together, and we shot this before social distancing was the rule. But it is so beautifully styled, it brings the pages of the Australian Women's Weekly to life on TV.

"There are beautiful recipes, arts and crafts that can inspire people and we can all live vicariously by watching it on the couch".

As Harris rightly says, things might change, new restrictions might be implemented, so it's good to send people a little bit of joy in their lounge rooms.

"It may be a consolation prize but there are great ideas for people to get that spirit of Easter."

Easter is an important Christian holiday for Harris and her family who usually attend Mass, but that won't be on the agenda this year.

"I have a four- and a two-year-old, so chocolate is on the menu for breakfast. We'll have an Easter egg hunt. We would usually get together with their cousins, and eat fish on Good Friday. It is a time for being thankful.

"I think it is really important to be thankful in times like this, to focus on the good stuff. In terms of the rest of the world we are doing okay. I'm thankful for my beautiful boys, for my husband, who's in IT and is absolutely swamped at the moment."

Harris says we need to embrace that love and focus on the poor people stacking shelves, teachers, child care workers, and health care workers.

She will have a bit of a break over Easter, and might take a bush walk with her children who are "full of energy and just want to run".

"My boys don't sit still enough for craft. The closest we've got is a cubbyhouse."

But there is one "craft" Harris excels at. She holds the Guinness Book of World Records for smashing pumpkins.

"It was Halloween and we were dressed up as the Addams Family. They gave me a hammer and said to go for it. Robbie Williams' wife did the next day and beat me by one. So I had to have another go. I smashed her record, but I'm not sure if it still stands."

Harris is joined on the Easter special by The Australian Women's Weekly family and some familiar faces with lots of great ideas to put a smile on faces when it is so desperately needed.

She showcases her impressive pizza and Easter treat-making skills with a chocolate crunchie cake. "You will have to wear stretchy pants on the day you eat it."

Harris is also sous chef to king of the jungle Miguel Maestre, who creates an impressive Easter grazing platter. "I'm more of an assembler. I'm very good at helping, but it was a lot of fun."

Masterchef Australiacontender Hayden Quinn prepares butterflied lamb; The Living Room's Barry Du Bois crafts an Easter bonnet and Studio 10 co-host Angela Bishop and her daughter decorate some eggs.

"It's a beautiful, glossy, warm, Easter special, that feels like a warm hug. We are all good friends and there is a genuineness to it. We went back to Kangaroo Valley and did a bit of a shoot there, and I get to profile the Smith Family my favourite charity, so it's not just fluff. There is meaty story-telling to the show as well. Switch off your brain, forget about coronavirus and enjoy it."