House Rules High Stakes has started at the top with a penthouse renovation and a walkout

House Rules High Stakes' new team - Jamie Durie, Abbey Way, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Kyly Clarke and Saul Myers.
House Rules High Stakes' new team - Jamie Durie, Abbey Way, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Kyly Clarke and Saul Myers.

Before this year's House Rules: High Stakes teams get to renovate each other's homes, they will be making over a Gold Coast penthouse.

New hosts Jamie Durie and Abbey Way will introduce the teams to the distinctive beach side building and the new rules.

Their initial renovations will be scrutinized by returning judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and newbies to the panel, interior designer Kyly Clarke and builder and design expert Saul Myers.

Brisbane couple Tamara, 28, and Rhys, 29, prove opposites do attract. "If I don't like people I'm not going to spare your feelings over something, I'll just tell it how it is. Whereas Rhys will just be nice even if he thinks you're not a nice person."

Tamara has a Bachelor of Law and enjoys a challenge. She works with lawyers and property developers on using new technology to settle properties, and happened to spot the couple's first home. She recognised the dilapidated Queenslander had potential.

Tamara is certain her skills as a lawyer will help the couple get "what we need". "We are competitive people, we are not going to be pushed over," says Tamara.

Perth couple Tanya, 38, and Dave, 36, have three children and recently upsized to a bigger house where all the kids have room to grow, Tanya says. However, their two-storey art deco heritage home is stuck in a 1980s time warp and needs a "complete design overhaul".

Dave says they entered the competition to upgrade the home for the kids. He works extremely long hours in his business to support his young family. Stay at home mum Tanya is hoping her experience renovating and styling their last family home will give them the practical edge they will need.

Newly married Susan and Anthony hope their total lack of renovation experience will be made up for with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. "Nobody shakes pompoms like Anthony can," cheerleading and dance academy owner, Susan, 31, says.

They recently bought a house in Berwick, Victoria, and are hoping their meticulous organisation skills and healthy competitiveness will put them on the path to success.

Susan has a Bachelor of Business Management Marketing degree and says her personal design style is feminine, modern luxe. Anthony, 27, describes his personal style as "modernistic but comfortable".

Laith, 29, and George, 30, still live at home with their respective parents but agree they should fly the nest.

Despite having no renovating experience, Laith hopes his best mate George, who is a qualified builder and owner of a construction company, is going to be his guru.

George specialises in building architectural custom houses for his clients and plans to bring humour to the forefront of his and Laith's renovations.

Happy to help his best mate of 10 years renovate his house, George describes himself as a "caring person who likes to give everybody the benefit of the doubt". The single lads describe their design style as modern.

Plumbers Kayne, 37, and Aimee, 26, are the first tradie couple in House Rules history. "I'm pretty honoured to be the first lady tradie on the show," Aimee says.

The Victorians plan to win us all over with their hard work ethic and joie de vivre. "I can't see us getting too stressed about a situation ... we will work our butts off to make sure we are standing there at the end," Kayne says.

Aimee is a motivational speaker and part business owner of Tiny Stays - off the grid tiny houses she builds with her brother and rents out as short-term accommodation. "I really just want to inspire others to think about stepping out of their comfort zone and turning their passion into profit," she says.

Menswear fashion designer Bradley, 31, is super close to his mum, Lenore, 55, and says entering the competition is his way of giving back. "I'm really happy to be able to do this with her so she and Michael can hopefully get the home they deserve."

Bradley hopes his strong design skills and "love for colour and prints," will help him and Lenore thrive in the competition.

He has completely gutted and renovated a dilapidated American style barn and designed and renovated two cafes with all with husband Jacob.

Twins from Tasmania, Kimmy and Rhi think their "twin-tuition" will give them the winning edge.

The sisters, 31, live and work in Launceston, and are virtually impossible to tell apart. The only real differences between them are Kimmy is a single probation parole officer, while Rhi has a partner, Sam, 30, and is a barista and part-time cake maker.

Rhi has a Certificate IV in interior design from TAFE and hopes her knowledge will give them a leg up. Buying a run down house in Summerhill with lots of land for her dogs, Kimmy worked in retail before graduating with a social work degree.

Listing the competition as a once in a lifetime chance Rhi admits, although she has design skills, neither she nor Kimmy have any actual renovation experience.

Brisbane dad, Andrew, 46, says he'll only be guided by his wife Carly's opinions while renovating. "If outsiders try to give me design advice while I'm renovating I'll be like 'you've got no idea'."

The landscape foreman has already renovated their properties in Marrickville and Greenacre, with Carly, before they moved to Queensland.

He landscaped parts of a Taronga Zoo refurbishment and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Athletes Village, and hopes to transfer his outside design skills to the interiors on the show.

A fan of the Eurolux design style, Andrew and Carly, 38, feel they will bring a sense of luxury and boldness to the competition.