Wauchope Blues raise concerns about future of clubs if Group Three hosts half a season plan

Unsure: The Wauchope Blues remain unsure if a shortened Group Three rugby league season should go ahead.

Unsure: The Wauchope Blues remain unsure if a shortened Group Three rugby league season should go ahead.

The Wauchope Blues remain hesitant about any plan by Group Three to host a half season competition in 2020.

The club says it is concerned what the financial implications of fielding sides in a shortened season would have on all clubs within the group.

President Ged Roods raised concerns about the financial viability of some clubs into the future if they only played half a season.

"From a club stance and looking at the best interests of Wauchope not only for the 2020 season, but beyond, it wouldn't make sense for us to play such a shortened competition," he said.

"We're getting dictated by what the NRL is doing and they're not playing at the moment.

"Our club will support what the majority wants to go for, but we don't feel half a competition is worth putting the future of our club at risk for."

Port City Breakers president Geoff Kelly says he would throw his club's support behind a potential seven-round Group 3 rugby league competition in 2020 if a full 14-round structure wasn't an option.

But the Breakers would also be guided by what government and council protocols were in place at the time surrounding any potential season going ahead.

The NSWRL is unlikely to make any decisions on the season before the end of June with a mid-July or August starting date the most likely outcome.

"The Breakers would support a one-round competition if we were able to play and if the councils freed grounds up to let it happen," Kelly said.

"We have players keen to play, but we need to follow the government's instructions and if they won't let us play, our players safety is the priority."

Group 3 rugby league chief executive Mal Drury had previously stated his preference was for no games to be played if all 14 rounds were not possible.

"Seven rounds is not a full competition ... it's all about trying to keep the clubs afloat," he said.

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