Sales skyrocket at Greenbourne Nursery and Bonny Hills Garden Centre

Busy times: Joel Seguna from Greenbourne Nursery checks on the stocks of vegetable seedlings.

Busy times: Joel Seguna from Greenbourne Nursery checks on the stocks of vegetable seedlings.

The sales of vegetable plants, herbs and seeds have skyrocketed.

Gardeners are also seeking out flowering plants to add a touch of colour as gardening experiences a resurgence with people staying at home.

Sales have spiked at Wauchope's Greenbourne Nursery.

Greenbourne Nursery owner Kristin Glessing said sales of seedlings, potting mix and seeds had quadrupled in the past three weeks.

"You can't keep it on the shelf, it's like toilet paper," she said.

Mrs Glessing said people were at home and had time to garden, and perhaps people thought there could be a shortfall at the supermarket, so they wanted to grow their own.

She said there was a buzz in the air at the Wauchope nursery and stock was selling across the board.

"People can walk in looking a bit depressed, because they are in lockdown, but they always leave with a smile," Mrs Glessing said.

"It's a perfect recipe for gardening at the moment."

Bonny Hills Garden Centre plant purchaser Mal McKinlay said sales of herbs, vegetable plants and seeds went through the roof three weeks ago.

Mr McKinlay attributed the spike to a number of factors.

The unprecedented demand for homegrown comes amid the coronavirus pandemic, mild weather, the changing season and the easing of water restrictions.

He said the growers were struggling to keep up with the incredible demand for edible plants.

Mr McKinlay said people were realising even if they lived in an apartment, they could still grow plants in pots and containers.

Lettuce, silverbeet and peas, which give quick results, are particularly popular.

Flowering plants are in demand too.

"They want a bit of colour, something nice and bright in the garden to cheer them up," Mr McKinlay said.