Flashback 1970: The number and scope of development applications to Port Macquarie Municipal Council show growth of area

A bit flash: Municipal Council building, Hay Street, 1968. Photo: Supplied by Port Macquarie Museum

A bit flash: Municipal Council building, Hay Street, 1968. Photo: Supplied by Port Macquarie Museum

Development applications

A development application, for a block of flats to cost $250,000, has been submitted to the municipal council by T. Reed Holdings.

The flats are to be built on two blocks of land in William Street.

The project envisages the construction of 34 flats, one flat of three bedrooms; 12 with two bedrooms, and 21 one-bedroom flats. The building will be of seven floors, with parking for 34 vehicles.

Mr Parnell has submitted a development application, for the erection of a service station on the corner of Gordon and Hollingworth streets in west Port Macquarie. The development also envisages showrooms and alterations to an existing building.

Mr Bruce Jordan submitted a development application for a caravan park off Settlement Point Road, estimated to cost $6000.

Mr E. Parsons submitted a development application to add 12 units to an existing motel in Burrawan Street. Council decided to ask for a site plan in relation to the motel development; all other development applications were approved.

Boycott alleged

Discussion of the plans and specifications for the Port Macquarie civic centre was adjourned at a special meeting of the municipal council on Tuesday night, after Ald Chapman threatened to leave the meeting if the matter was discussed.

Ald Chapman's departure would have left council without a quorum as Aldermen Kennedy, Thurling and Westerweller were not present at the meeting.

At 7.30pm, only Aldermen Boardman, Adams, Gott and Huxley were in the council chambers and a lapsed meeting looked inevitable. To prevent this Ald Boardman left the chambers and at 8.05pm, returned with Ald Chapman.

The civic centre item was first on the agenda. Ald Boardman immediately moved its discussion be adjourned until next Tuesday's meeting.

Looking South along Hollingworth Street.

Looking South along Hollingworth Street.

Ald Gott opposed this saying it was a matter of vital concern to the town. He pointed out the civic centre designer, Mr Babic, had already made one fruitless trip to Port Macquarie the previous Tuesday when, through lack of a quorum, the meeting had lapsed.

"I am only here on the condition the civic centre discussion is adjourned. If it's dealt with, I will leave," Ald Chapman said.

The mayor, Ald Adams, said a gun was being held at council's head on the matter. He said he was reluctantly compelled to support the resolution; 'but I do it with bad grace'.

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