What will our region look like in 30 years?

Melissa Neighbour
Melissa Neighbour

WHAT will our region look like in 30 years?

As a part of the development of the Port Macquarie-Hastings region's Community Strategic Plan - Think 2050, residents are being encouraged to 'FUTUREThink' and share their ideas.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council will host two inspiring evenings that are set to transform the way we think about our future, with visionary speakers and panellists to encourage the community and get us thinking and talking about our big ideas.

Council group manager, Lucilla Marshall said this is an opportunity for the community to play their part in shaping what our community might look like in 2050.

"We'll be talking environment, transport, growth, community spaces and everything in between... anything is possible and we want your ideas," Ms Marshall said.

"It's so exciting to have visionaries Melissa Neighbour from FutureCrunch and Joshua Karras from United Nations joining us as speakers, challenging our thinking, and unveiling the big picture of what might be possible, and how communities around the globe are transforming.

"Our local Think 2050 community ambassadors will also be joining a panel session for lively discussion about our local big ideas, and the challenges and opportunities we will face in our region."

These FUTUREThink Big Picture and Big Ideas events are part of the research, input and development of theregion's Community Strategic Plan - Think 2050, scheduled for completion mid-2021.

The Community Strategic Plan - Think 2050 reflects the aspirations and priorities of the Port Macquarie-Hastings community into the future and sets a direction for everything council and the community must do together to make the vision a reality.

Joshua Karras

Joshua Karras

FUTUREThink Part 1 - The Big Picture with Melissa Neighbour and Joshua Karras will be held at 7pm Tuesday, September 29. It will be a thought-provoking live chat where you can comment and ask questions and Melissa and Joshua will answer them live.

FUTUREThink Part 2 - Our Big Ideas with our Think 2050 Ambassadors will be held at 7pm Thursday, october 1. This will be a lively discussion about local challenges and opportunities when planning for the future with community 'movers and shakers'.

Melissa Neighbour from FutureCrunch said as a town planner, she knows first-hand the vital importance of community consultation.

"Whilst as planners we have the technical skills to put the answers into place and make them reality, the best solutions come from the people within the community for which we are planning," said Ms Neighbour.

"It's wonderful to see a local Council committed to their community in this way, and I'm excited to bring some fresh ideas to the discussion."

Both FUTUREThink events are free, and will be streamed live on the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Facebook page facebook.com@/pmhc2444 and YouTube channel youtube.com/pmhcouncil.

"These events may well be the most inspiring and thought-provoking initiatives ever undertaken in our community, and we'd love to see people of all ages in attendance," added Ms Marshall.

"Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired, be challenged and share your vision as together we FUTUREThink."

To find out more and learn how to participate visit pmhc.nsw.gov.au/FUTUREThink.

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