Time to get ready for storm season

Time to get ready for storm season

Residents are being encouraged to prepare their homes and businesses for the upcoming storm season from October to March.

NSW SES Deputy Zone Commander Tony Day said making small changes each month can go a long way to keeping your home, family and NSW SES volunteers safe.

"Some simple things you can do now to get ready for the storm season include cleaning gutters and down pipes, securing loose items around the yard or balcony," Mr Day said.

"We see a lot of roof damage caused by wind and tree impacts, which often leads to water damage as water flows into homes. This can be prevented through some basic home maintenance such as trimming trees and ensuring roof tile or sheets are secure."

Mr Day said the SES is also encouraging residents to create a home emergency kit including torches, candles and water-proof matches, a portable radio, spare batteries, a first aid kit and a water proof document holder to store irreplaceable paperwork.

NRMA Insurance has introduced a 'First Saturday' campaign encouraging residents to make your home safer on the first Saturday of every month.

Essential Energy operations manager Mid North Coast, Mat Reedy said residents should be preparing their properties for storm season.

"Severe storms can damage homes and the electricity network, causing unplanned power outages for customers and local communities," Mr Reedy said.

"Prepare your property before severe weather arrives by removing debris and overgrown vegetation from around the home, clearing gutters and checking that trees are a safe distance from powerlines.

"During a storm or severe weather, unplug electronic equipment like televisions and computers, stay indoors and if possible check social media via mobile phones for updates.

"Always assume fallen powerlines or any objects in contact with them are live and stay at least eight metres away from them."

Essential Energy encourages property owners to report vegetation that is growing too close to the electricity network on 13 23 91 and Essential Energy has a 24-hour contact number on 13 20 80.

For more information related to preparing your home for storms, go to www.ses.nsw.gov.au.

For more storm safety tips including a safety checklist to make sure your property is prepared, visit essentialenergy.com.au/safety/storm-safety.

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