$6.6 million Bain Park upgrade plan back on exhibition

Bain Park, Wauchope
Bain Park, Wauchope

VERSION three of a plan to upgrade Bain Park at Wauchope is now seeking public feedback.

The draft Bain Park Master Plan is now on public exhibition until December 16. Submissions close Wednesday, December 16.

Bain Park is an important cultural and recreational space for the community and a number of groups who both use and activate the space.

The park has been an intrinsic part of the Wauchope community since it was proclaimed a recreational area in 1889 and is a key community meeting place, playing host to markets and events.

The development of a master plan for Bain Park commenced in 2019.

Wauchope community groups including Rotary, Lions Club and the District Historical Society approached council to consider the development of infrastructure to support an increase in activation of the space after the opening of an all abilities playground in 2012.

The vision for the Bain Park Master Plan is to transform the existing space into a dynamic community hub, which provides opportunities for recreation, arts, education and culture.

Over the last year, council has undertaken a series of comprehensive engagement activities to inform a draft master plan to guide future development of this space.

The draft Bain Park Master Plan (the Master Plan) has undergone a series of revisions in response to this consultation which raised some concerns initially around a new multi-use community centre to replace the existing Wauchope Community Arts Hall, Rotary Youth Centre and amenities block.

The Bain Park upgrade is seeking community input.

The Bain Park upgrade is seeking community input.

At the November 18 ordinary council meeting, council resolved to place revision three of the master plan on public exhibition.

Some elements of the plan, such as the options for the Wauchope Community Arts Hall and Rotary Youth Hall have been developed in direct response to the main user groups and current managers of those facilities.

The budget estimate for delivery of the master plan is $6.6 million, which includes approximately $2 million for landscaping, shelters and furniture, $2.1 million for new community centre, $850,000 for car parking and road upgrades, $530,000 for lighting and irrigation, $700,000 for shaded playground and pump track, and $390,000 for shaded a water play area.

A plan has been incorporated to facilitate a staged delivery over time as funding becomes available.

Council will hold a pop up stand in Bain Park on Friday, December 4 from 11am-2pm for the community to ask questions, view the master plan and join a tour of the park with council's landscape architect.

Residents can download a copy of the master plan from council's website, or pick up a hard copy from the Wauchope Library or Wauchope council office.

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