Kew's Gary Angel rescued goat Benji and dog Bear

Gary Angel often visits North Haven Beach with his goat Benji and dog Bear. Photo: Liz Langdale.
Gary Angel often visits North Haven Beach with his goat Benji and dog Bear. Photo: Liz Langdale.

Two animals and their owner Gary Angel are fast becoming Camden Haven celebrities. 

People often stop the trio when they are out and about, to take photos and have a chat. 

Gary rescued eight-month-old Benji the goat from a property at Armidale. 

The property was impacted by drought and the owner was struggling to feed Benji enough pellets. 

“There was no grass out there whatsoever,” Gary said. 

“It’s my contribution for the drought relief effort.” 

Gary has had Benji for a month and said he is adapting to his new lifestyle really well.

Benji has taken to mowing the lawn for Gary and his owner is impressed with the result. 

“He keeps the lawn the same length and does the edges, so he can keep the job,” he said. 

However he might have taken too fond a liking for Gary’s mango tree. 

“I’ve put some mesh up around the tree so hopefully that will stop him,” he said. 

Benji jumps for joy at each new experience.  He had never seen grass, rain or garbage trucks and gets very excited by each new experience.

Benji and Gary’s other rescue animal, dog Bear have become good mates. 

Gary believes Bear is a Bull Arab cross Irish Wolfhound. 

When Gary met Bear he knew he was meant to be his owner. 

“His manners were impeccable,” he said. 

Bear had rarely been walked and had never seen the beach or wildlife before he came to the Camden Haven. 

Gary enjoys witnessing Bear’s reactions to new objects, animals and sounds. 

Gary enjoys having a chat to people on their daily walks. 

A lot of people reminisce on their own experiences of owning a goat or a dog a similar breed to that of Bear. 

Gary said he took the animals down the Laurieton Riverwalk Markets and was only meant to be there for half an hour but was there for three, as so many people wanted to chat. 

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